Executive Coaching & Training for Team Leaders & Managers

Learn how to build resilience, have more impactful conversations and get more out of your team and yourself

Are you a leader or manager struggling to keep your team engaged and motivated?

Do you lack the confidence to communicate effectively and navigate difficult situations? I get it. Managing and leading a team or organisation is demanding and challenging. You are responsible for the myriad of projects, tasks and services your team or organization provides, but you also have to ensure you support your people and bring them with you. It’s your job to motivate, energise and encourage your team—even those who are not as on board as you might like.

Do you

  • Find as the leader, you’re the only one doing the talking at team or staff meetings?
  • Wonder if there is an easier way to influence and persuade?
  • Struggle to get some people on board with necessary changes?
  • Wish your team would take more initiative and be more proactive?

Over time these challenges stack one on top of the other… whether it’s endless to-do lists, looming deadlines, or resistance to changes. The stress builds up—leaving you feeling like a ticking time-bomb—and the passion that got you into this role in the first place starts to dwindle. Frustrations start to sap your motivation and enthusiasm, so when problems arise within your team, you simply don’t have the energy to deal with them.

I hear this from so many leaders and managers, but the good news is there are effective strategies you can learn to improve communication, nurture resilience and resolve conflict before it escalates. Armed with the right tools, you’ll be able to lead with confidence and navigate challenges with ease.

My name is Mary Rafferty and I’ve been helping leaders get the best out of themselves and their teams for over a decade. A certified mediator with many years of experience at the sharp end of workplace relationships and team dynamics, I understand the demands and challenges of managing people and navigating relationships at work.

I have trained and/or coached hundreds of managers to nurture better relationships (for example when giving feedback, motivating colleagues, or handling difficult conversations) as well as become more resilient themselves (such as finding clarity and flow, becoming more decisive, and overcoming their inner critic).

How Executive Coaching Can Help You Overcome Challenges

Having the right strategies and skills in your toolkit can completely transform how you lead, engage and communicate with your team. I’ll teach you how to utilise these strategies with minimal stress, empowering you to thrive and flourish in your role. Some of my most popular services are:


Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

Boost your performance and wellbeing with one-to-one executive coaching. Learn how to nurture assertive, empathetic and accountable team relationships.

With Teams

Team Coaching & Facilitation

Enhance your team’s relationships, interaction patterns and conversations. Enable your team to become more engaged, collaborative, and able to hold themselves to account.


Workshops & Accredited Training

Develop the skills to engage and communicate with more impact.
Choose from shorter half/one-day workshops to professional certified programmes.

Who Do I Help?

I work with public/state organisations as well as corporate clients in a wide range of sectors. I also have many private clients who come to work with me directly – either for my coaching or mentoring services or at one of my group training events (online and offline).

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POISE NOW: 8 Steps To Win-Win Conversations

Download my free guide!

Inside this free guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create an action plan to help you and your team communicate more impactfully
  • Turn difficult conversations into learning conversations
  • Harness your composure to keep you calm and in control
  • Disarm defensiveness with integrity and respect
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