Mediation Skills for Managers

So much conflict and tension in the workplace begins with minor misunderstandings and miscommunication. At this level, it’s relatively easy to resolve… if you have some basic conflict management skills and competencies. This workshop will teach you a basic 5-step process to resolve low-level conflicts and disagreements in the workplace.

About this mediation skills workshop

Type:Blended: online modules + trainer led webinars delivered on Zoom
Duration:Online: 10 hours + 4 x 1/2 day webinars
Booking:Register your interest online and I will be in touch to arrange your enrollment.

Who is this mediation skills workshop for?

This essential mediation skills workshop is for all managers and HR managers. If you find yourself trying to manage low-level niggles and disagreements between people on your team and would prefer to get issues resolved instead of having them progress to a formal grievance, this workshop is for you! It will give you formal training in the art of mediation and conflict resolution.

“Leaders who are mediators will outperform… because they know how to build partnerships and alliances that are the key to enduring success.”

Mark Gerzon

Could you benefit from mediation skills?

Build alliances, diffuse conflict, and help teams find their path to success!

Learn a basic 5-step process to resolve low-level conflicts and disagreements in the workplace.

You will gain an understanding and awareness of the role and process of mediation and be equipped to apply the skills to resolve low-level conflicts and tensions that arise in the workplace.

Learning outcomes

  • Provide a clear understanding of key principles of mediation and benefits and applications for the workplace.
  • Familiarise participants with key mediation skills and how they can be applied in supporting two people to deal with a conflict that has arisen
  • Know when, where and why mediation skills are useful as well as key considerations around mediating as a manager
  • Understand the basic structure of a mediation process and have an understanding of how to apply them appropriately to a conflict in the workplace
  • Have applied the skills in simulated role play practice of a typical workplace dispute between two participants.

Mediation skills workshop FAQs

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