One-To-One Leadership Coaching

Do you:

  • Feel drained and frustrated with some of the challenging people-management aspects of your role?
  • Struggle to manage clashing personalities and office politics?
  • Feel you are so busy doing and reacting that there’s no time to work on the bigger goals?
  • Are staff meetings dominated by one or two strong personalities?
  • Wish you could get other team members speak up and contribute more?
  • Get caught up in old habits of perfectionistic or self-critical rumination?

Coaching for managers and executives

If any of those resonate with you, you’re not alone—these are some of the most common problems faced by managers and executives. This isn’t surprising; after all, managing and leading a team or organisation is demanding and challenging. You have so many responsibilities to keep on top of, from the smallest of daily tasks to the big projects that keep the organisation afloat.

Learn to motivate and energise your team

You are leading a team, but that team is made up of individuals—and it’s up to you to navigate differences of opinion and help each team member achieve their full potential. You must support your team on a daily basis, keeping morale and productivity levels up… and sometimes not everyone is as on board as you’d like. It’s a lot to juggle!

One-to-one executive coaching allows you to take a breather from the cut-and-thrust of everyday managing and leading. It’s a chance to take a long (and maybe hard!) look at the ‘how’ rather than the ‘what’ of your role.

Overcome leadership challenges

If not addressed, frustrations slowly start to eat into your energy levels, motivation and perhaps the passion or enthusiasm that got you into this role in the first place. With one-to-one leadership coaching, you’ll learn tried-and-tested strategies to combat challenges such as:

● Clashing personalities within your team
● Miscommunication or a lack of communication between team members
● Endless to-do lists and deadlines
● Lack of resources
● Pushback from other departments/agencies
● Resistance to changes you are trying to implement
● Covid-19 and trying to manage people remotely

“Leadership does not reside in individuals, for leadership is always a relational phenomenon that at a minimum requires a leader, followers and a shared purpose”

Peter Hawkins,
Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School University of Reading UK

Rediscover your passion

Coaching is an invaluable opportunity to take a step back from the busyness of work and reconnect with your inner wisdom. As a result, you will be better equipped to manage your team and create a positive organisation culture.

Leadership coaching can give you:

  • Clarity about the change you would like to see in how you engage, influence and negotiate at work.
  • Greater perspective on ‘tricky’ behaviours and communication patterns of others so you are less stressed and more strategic.
  • Greater ease and confidence around decisions you make so you don’t lie awake at night re-running the same old scripts.
  • Freed up mental and emotional energy so you are more focused, present and productive.
  • Skills to ensure that others will listen and take on board what you need them to understand
  • Renewed motivation and enthusiasm so you feel more fulfilled and inspired in your leadership role.

Executive Coaching FAQs

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