Team Coaching

Improve your team’s relationships, communication skills, productivity and wellbeing

Managing the intricate dynamics of a team can be a minefield, and frictions often arise when you have clashing personalities and communication styles. Each individual within the team has their own perspectives and priorities, yet they must find some common ground and work towards a shared goal. Knowing how to navigate these situations is an invaluable asset in any manager’s toolkit, and could mean the difference between a miserable team and one that’s motivated, productive and efficient.

Improve your team relationships communication skills productivity and wellbeing

In team coaching, I work with the team over a period of months and support them to improve the relationships, the interaction patterns, and the conversations so they have more productive and generative conversations. The outcomes are a more resourceful and effective team that performs at a higher level and is more accountable, sustainable, and inspired.

Building purpose and harmony within teams

Team coaching can help answer questions such as:

  • What is the team’s common vision – the underlying ‘why’
  • What are the goals and how does the team work together to achieve these?
  • What is the team and each member responsible for?
  • How does the team hold itself accountable?
  • How do they see themselves working as a unit?
  • How does each team member take meaningful responsibility as part of a leadership team?

“Teamwork remains the one sustainable competitive advantage that has been largely untapped”

Patrick Lencioni, Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Typical outcomes

  • A bigger picture focus: achieving team objectives and purpose always come before personal gain or agendas.
  • A culture where team members feel able to disagree and dialogue constructively so that the best decisions and solutions are proactively sought.
  • Great levels of trust so team members feel comfortable being vulnerable and transparent with each other.
  • An ability to achieve commitment to team decisions in a way that maximises all team members’ buy-in and engagement.
  • A process for holding each other (and the team ultimately) to account: around results and behaviours.
  • A culture of connection, confidence, and trust so team members feel comfortable being vulnerable and authentic.
  • Courage and openness to disagree, challenge, and dialogue constructively around issues so that the best decisions and solutions are sought.
  • Truly consensus-based decision-making where all team members’ voices are heard
  • Higher levels of creativity, inspiration, and innovation.
  • Conflict is managed constructively; different viewpoints are dealt with curiosity and openness, knowing that multiple perspectives will always trump one way of doing things.

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