Maximise Your Team Meetings – Video 1

Welcome to this series of short videos on maximising meetings in your team or indeed any group context – board, leadership team, work group etc.

My name is Mary Rafferty and I am a Coach, Team Coach and Mediator and for the past 17 years the focus of my work has been on supporting people in a variety of contexts to have more effective dialogue, conversations and interactions in the workplace.

Meetings are one very common feature of most workplaces nowadays and the conversations and dialogue that’s supposed to happen there, are meant to bring greater alignment, creativity, synergy to the work in an organisation. Yet meetings often fall far short of this expectation.

In this video series I’ll share some ideas that might help to enhance and improve the engagement, efficiency and  effectiveness of your team meetings.

In this short video we’ll look at what we mean ‘effective’ meetings and how you might measure this.  

Be sure also to watch the other videos in this series where we will delve much more into meeting process and a variety of interventions that you can use to maximise the level of engagement, efficiency and effectiveness of your meetings.

Please give me a call if you  as a leader or you and your team could benefit from team coaching or facilitation to assist you to enhance and achieve excellence not only in your meetings but in every aspect of your work together as a team.