Maximise Your Team Meetings Video 3

Welcome to the third video in this series of short videos on maximising meetings in your team or indeed any group context – board, leadership team, work group etc.

In the previous videos, we’ve looked at the importance of having a clear purpose and clear objectives for your meeting, as well as ensuring time and attention are spent on the process as well as the content.

Today, we will delve deeper into process management, particularly in relation to how people interact with each other and the kind of atmosphere and level of engagement this interaction creates. We’ll also explore the concept of psychological safety and share practical insights that can transform the dynamics of your meetings.

Be sure also to watch the other videos in this series where we will delve into some process interventions you can use during meetings to keep everything on track.

Please give me a call if you  as a leader or you and your team could benefit from team coaching or facilitation to assist you to enhance and achieve excellence not only in your meetings but in every aspect of your work together as a team.