Maximise Your Team Meetings Video 4

Welcome to the fourth video in this series of short videos on maximising meetings in your team or indeed any group context – board, leadership team, work group etc.

In previous videos we’ve looked at some aspects of the ‘how’ or meeting process that you might consider in advance, as well as setting ground rules for interactions and creating a psychologically safe environment where participants can speak freely.

This video will introduce the ‘Step In/Step Out’ approach — a dynamic method of meeting management that strikes a balance between active engagement with the content and intervention in the process.

Be sure also to watch the final video in this series which will focus on coming up with a set of working agreements that will help to ensure your meetings are as efficient and effective as possible on a consistent basis.
Please give me a call if you  as a leader or you and your team could benefit from team coaching or facilitation to assist you to enhance and achieve excellence not only in your meetings but in every aspect of your work together as a team.